This is a Historical Archive of the political commercials of the Italian Political Parties from the ‘70s up until now. It is the first one in Italy and it represents a historical evidence not only of politics and communication, but also of the culture and the society of our Country. It is composed of a documented collection of Political Slogans, Political Campaigns in General Elections and Referendums, Video Messages of Electoral Propaganda produced by Parties, Civic Lists, Political Leaders, Political Movements, Associations and Committees. Each Party Political Broadcast is enriched with the description of the Italian political context of the period when it was produced. Go to the project of the Website.

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Alemanno Sindaco: Non chiudere gli occhi, sicurezza

Year: 2006

Promoter: Alemanno Sindaco

Length: 0.56

Spot Type: Elettorale/Electoral

Election Type: Comunali

Description: Spot realizzata nel 2006 in occasione delle elezioni comunali di Roma a supporto del candidato sindaco Gianni Alemanno. Lo spot fa parte di una serie ...