A message for Gordon Brown

    Committente: Conservative Party

    Anno: 2010

    Durata: 0.57

    Tipo Spot: Elettorale/Electoral

    Tipo Elezioni: Political

    Numero Spot: 0600


    This Party Political Broadcast has been realized by the Conservative Party for the Political Election of 2010. In this the "laugh" brings the spectators to reflect on the Labour policy. The ads has a simple structure and it is centered on the written sentences followed by Gordon Brown's face. All the statements reported are actually the damages he did with his policy in the Country, such as: "I doubled the national debt", "I took billions from pensions" etc. The comic setting is underlined by the fake recorded laughs typical of the American sit-com that inevitably involve the spectators and that are broadcasted at the end of each sentence followed by the writing: "Vote for me". Indeed the negative style is moderate by the humor that makes the attacks to the opposition funnier and more enjoyable.